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Opinion Piece: Bigfoot Collectors Club Podcast/

I am OBSESSED with this podcast. I have to admit I only found it because I was searching for podcasts that Jen Kirkman was a guest on and I found this podcast. She appears on four episodes I think. Anyway, I started listening and realized that Michael McMillian is one of the hosts and I knew him as Henry from What I Like About You and loved him on the show. I did not know the other host Bryce Johnson but he’s awesome and the relationship between the two and the passion they have for the things they talk about is so great.

This podcast is all about paranormal things that happen to the hosts, their guests and their listeners. They have their listeners write in with their paranormal stories and read them on the show sometimes. I haven’t written in yet because I didn’t think I had any stories to share but then I got thinking and I do. I’m going to be writing in to them soon.

I have to warn you though, if you start listening be prepared to jump out of your skin lol. I’m kidding kind of, according to my boyfriend it’s not really that scary but I get terrified listening to it. Just yesterday I was vacuuming my house and I had my earbuds in listening to the podcast. I was in a particular scary spot and all of a sudden the vacuum stopped. I knew that the power hadn’t gone out because the lights were still on and I knew that I hadn’t gone too far and accidentally pulled the plug out of the wall because I always use that outlet and knew that I had plenty of slack. I happened to be standing on a toilet at the moment it stopped and I almost fell off. I have two dogs so I was pretty confident that if I was in any real trouble they would have saved me but I was still scared. I hopped off the toilet and ran around to where the outlet was to see what had happened and I see that one of the dogs was walking away from the cord. He had pulled it out of the wall. He doesn’t like the vacuum (which is ironic because he’s the reason I have to use it so much) but I think he had pulled the cord out to make it stop.

I felt better that it wasn’t anything scary coming for me like I thought but then I was scared/concerned that my dog had electrocuted himself. He didn’t. Thankfully, he’s perfectly fine.

This is the little hooligan, Berg, in question.
This is the other dog, Gemma. She’s the one that I know for sure would have saved me had I been in trouble. Not that the other one wouldn’t but this picture is her staring out the window making sure nothing suspicious is going on in the neighborhood. She does it a lot.

I was also listening to this podcast the other day in the car and my boyfriend was with me. It was the episode with Donna Lynne Champlin and they were playing back the EVP recordings she had where you could hear ghost voices and I was leaning in close to the Bluetooth speaker I have in my car to hear better and my boyfriend decided to grab my leg and I about jumped out of the car lol. My boyfriend thought it was hilarious and it took me forever to get my heart rate to return to normal. But that was a particularly scary part of the episode.

Okay so back to paranormal stuff, when I was younger I was outside with my friend. Her and I used to be outside all the time, especially in the summer. One night we were outside and for some reason or another we happened to be looking up at the night sky. We used to just lay on her trampoline sometimes and stare up at the sky to see how many shooting stars we could see. Anyway, we happened to see this reddish light moving through the sky, we thought it was a plane. It obviously wasn’t a shooting star, but then the light started to go in reverse. It went back and forth a couple more times before disappearing. The only logical explanation to my friend and I was that it was aliens playing tennis. It wasn’t a shooting star and a plane wouldn’t go back and forth and then all of a sudden disappear. I can’t be sure that it was aliens playing tennis in the sky obviously but it was something strange for sure.

There was another instance, I can’t remember if it was the same night or not, that her and I were outside again and we happened to glance across the street and there was a big gate type thing that led to a field. The gate was wooden and a little space underneath so that it could slide freely without hitting the ground. In that space behind the gate, we saw two red lights. We think they were red glowing eyes. They weren’t light up sneakers or anything because they weren’t flashing and they weren’t moving. They were just glowing and “looking” in our direction. Plus earlier that night we had heard a high pitched squeaky noise coming from behind the gate too.

Those are my paranormal experiences but I know that my family specifically my mom and my niece have had paranormal experiences too. My niece is young. She’s 4 right now and when she was a little younger she used to talk to “someone”. My brother overheard her talking to “someone” in her room and he asked her about it. She said she was talking to Gary. My brother kind of assumed it was an imaginary friend but asked her about it a little because our grandfather’s name was Gary and he passed away in 2004. My niece had never met him. She explained what he looked to my brother and she described things that she wouldn’t have known and we think it was his ghost or spirit that she talked to so frequently.

My mom has also had some experiences. She would wake up in the middle of the night and see a shadow like figure at the end of her bed or in the corner of her room and no one would be there. She also had a long period where she would smell cigarette smoke all the time. She does not smoke, neither does her husband, my stepdad. She used to smell it all the time in the house that they lived in and she could never understand why. No one else could smell it but my stepdad did smell it in her hair.

Anyway, this podcast is amazing and if you’re into paranormal things, Bigfoot, or strange happenings it could be worth checking out. I always enjoy listening to it and get a few laughs because the banter between the hosts is always entertaining.