Ridiculous Twitter Lady Rant

Every tweet this woman writes infuriates me. Before I go more into this though I want to say a couple things. I am not a religious person in the sense that I grew up in church or go to church on a regular basis. I used to go to church on a semi-regular basis with my soon to be ex husband but I did not before him nor do I go now. I always looked at religion as kind of cult like. I mean I guess it is in a sense but I never wanted to go to church because I never wanted to be in a cult like environment. Not that all churches are but a lot of them seem to be to me. The reason I went to my ex’s church is because the pastor was hilarious and it was very relaxed and didn’t have a cult like vibe to me at all. I do believe in God but I also believe in everything. I guess I am more spiritual than religious but have still always believed in a higher power. My saying this is just to point out the fact that just because most of her tweets are about religion and refer to it, that is not the reason I think this lady is infuriating but what she does with the tweets.

This is the woman in question. Everything she tweets is very problematic.

Most of this lady’s tweets are basically saying that women should get married, have babies and stay at home taking care of the children and the house (also saying don’t go to college, don’t get a job, rely on a man). If that is what you want to do, I don’t care. I have no problem with stay at home mom’s or wives. If it works for you and your partner then great. However, I think it has become increasingly harder for that type of situation to work. Most times both people need to work to make ends meet. Or even if both don’t have to sometimes both just want to work and that’s okay too. A mom or a dad can both work or one can stay at home and the other can work, it’s really about what is feasible and works for them. Now what is problematic about this is that some people can’t have children and some people don’t want children. That’s okay if you don’t want them. Children are expensive and are a lot of work. (I don’t have a child but have babysat a lot but I do want a child eventually but I have also put a lot of thought into my decision. Having a child is a huge deal). Also, that is not what life is about. If your life is just about having a child, that’s okay but if that’s only part of it, that’s okay too. It’s okay to be a wife, a mom, and have a career. It’s also okay to be single, childless and have a career. It’s okay to be any combination of those things as long as it works for you.

Another problematic thing with her tweets is that she does not believe that women should go to college because it doesn’t teach them how to be wives and mothers. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. No, it doesn’t teach you how to be a wife or mother or keep a home but most people just do that through experience and how they grew up and common sense. Also, whether you are a stay at home mom or not, if you want to go to college, GO! Again, this is something that only you can decide if it’s right for you. I personally am not a fan of college for myself. I believe it was unnecessary for what I want to do and I believe it can add a lot of debilitating debt to people just for a piece of paper that doesn’t necessarily guarantee them a job. However, that is my opinion and I have never tried nor would I try to impart that on anyone who doesn’t ask my opinion. If you want to go to college, fabulous, if not, great. It’s up to you.

The most troubling thing to me is that she uses the Bible and God to claim all of these things. Again, I am not super religious and I have never read the Bible but I’m pretty sure God would be okay with whatever you decide to do as long as you are a kind and loving person. All I really mean by that even is that you are just a decent human being who treats everyone with the basic amount of respect and you help someone out if you can and the situation arises.

“Slow down, mothers. Your children don’t need to be in a lot of activities that keep you away from your home. Simplify your life so you can truly be a keeper at home. Your children will appreciate the peace and order this brings to their lives.” I have so many problems with this tweet of hers. I do agree that sometimes maybe kids are involved in too many things. While doing activities and being a part of groups is good for children it is also important to rest and spend time at home with family or friends or just being by yourself. However, this tweet to me seems like she is wanting to create a world where everyone besides the men are at home including young boys when they are children. That is just going to create sheltered children who are not going to know what to do in the real world. How are the boys supposed to grow into these men that go out and provide for their women when they have been so sheltered in their childhood that they have no idea how to interact in the real world. Maybe that isn’t what she fully meant but it seems to be it’s trying to keep children sheltered.

“Most young girls are being trained to be career women while few are being trained to be wives and mothers. Feminism teaches that women have a greater impact having careers while God tells us that women have a greater impact being wives and mothers.” I do not understand why they have to be one or the other. I know a woman who is a friend of my family and I have worked for that is a wife, a mother and an anesthesiologist. She is great at being all those things and finds a way to balance them all. I don’t believe women or men should have to be put into any one category. In fact, this woman’s husband was a stay at home dad when their child was little because his wife made enough money to support their family and he could care for the child while his wife was at work. It worked for them and they were both happy being in those roles. It did not make him any less of a man for not working and caring for the child nor did it make her a bad mother for not staying home to tend to the child and house. It worked for them and that’s all that matters. This woman’s ideas are so antiquated and infuriating.

“There are articles about the many LGBTQ books in the public schools so parents can be warned and made aware of them. The solution is simple: homeschool your children!” Again all this is doing is creating sheltered children who are not going to know how to do anything or interact in the world. I have known quite a few people that have been homeschooled and I only know of one parent who seemed to be doing it the best way she could. While she did homeschool her children, she also made sure that she was in contact with the local schools to be able to get her children involved in sports or school groups so that they could still interact with other humans. It’s so important for children to socialize so that they can know what to do and how to survive in the world outside of their home. As for the LGBTQ books in public schools, I don’t know how true that is but your child is going to be whatever they are going to be regardless of a book.

“For mothers who want to come home: Buy ‘The Tightwad Gazette’ and learn how to live extremely frugal. It’s so worth it to be home full time. A penny saved is a penny earned! Your children NEED you.” Part of my problem with all of this women needing to be home and mothers nonsense is that I was raised by my dad. I have mentioned it before and as I have said before I love my momma. She has always been a part of my life and we have a really, really good relationship. When I was young her and my dad got a divorce because they simply weren’t working together. Nothing bad, nothing good just disagreeing on the paths they were on. I have always been a daddy’s girl. I don’t know why but I am very close to my dad and always have been. When I was sick I wanted my dad, when I was sad I wanted my dad, happy, dad and so on. I just wanted my dad. My mom did what was right for me and in my best interest which I think so many parents actually fail to do and took my feelings into consideration. It nearly broke her to leave me with my dad but she knew I would be happier. Again, not that I didn’t love my mom or want to be with her but just that I was a daddy’s girl. My momma ended up remarrying a man in the military, my stepdad, who I love very much and am very proud to call my stepdad, and I think it worked out for the best that I stayed with my dad because being in the military my momma and stepdad had to move every three years. I could have done it. Many children do, but I was very shy (and still can be) when I was younger and I do not make friends easily (mostly because I believe in quality over quantity) but I think I would have been very lonely and not as happy had I been in that lifestyle. So my biggest problem is that she’s claiming all this stuff about women and how important it is for them to be mothers when I grew up with my father who provided for me and cared for me. I had a stepmom but it was a rocky relationship at best and all things considered my dad raised me for the most part. I would get on and off the bus at my gramma and poppa’s while I waited for my dad to get out of work and he would take me home. I just don’t understand why men and women can’t just take on whatever role they’d like and worked for them and their family if they choose to have one.

Another big issue, what does she think of women who can’t have children? Is her worth diminished because she can’t do “what God wants”? Is she just expected to still stay at home and take care of the house and wait for her husband to come home to take care of him? Again if this is the situation for people and they choose to be at home and take care of their husband if they can’t have children then I am so happy for them but for it to be pushed on them like this woman would like is complete and utter nonsense.

There is no real “point” to this post I guess other than to just rant and share the lunacy that this woman teaches. Women and men alike should be able to do whatever works for them and their partner if a partner is even something they want.